A table of excellence

- The choice of menus and the map is large, both in terms of dishes and prices.
- The dishes are prepared from fresh seasonal produce: Henry Marciniak, head of the kitchen, wants its customers to be disoriented and find the roots of its terroir.
- Cod and Jacques scallops caught along the coast; meat and poultry from farms Norman, calf's head.
- Spices evoking the spice route and ivories.
- All cheeses Pays de Bray on the edge of the channel whose pie is the king ...
- Apples essential in Normandy.
- Calvados and Benedictine who won their spurs all over the world.

Menus et cartes

- 40 €: consisting of a starter, main course, cheese and dessert composition (35 € without cheese).

- 50 €: consisting of a starter, main dish, tray of cheeses and a dessert.

- 60 €: composed of two inputs, sherbet, a flat plateau cheeses and a dessert.

- A la carte.

We can discuss with you any proposal for a business lunch or family, a birthday, a wedding.

Reservations are recommended for dinner on Saturday, lunch on Sunday eves and holidays.

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